Helping Hands

The beginning stages of a comic I'm doing for FakeHeads. The girl came easily because she has the same basic structure as most of my characters (I still intend to tweak the design a little), but I haven't figured out what the spirit/god should look like.


FargalEX said...

Man oh man oh man, I can't get enough of your drawings.

Silmu said...

Oh Kat!

Hey, I want to inform you that you've got one more devoted stalker and that's me. [8 I found your 12-hour comic randomly on DeviantArt, clicked around a little and after a while gained enough courage to watch your animation about One-Eyed Ophelia Jackson and then I was lost, hopelessly -- I had no choice but to go through all your pictures and things you wrote about them and spread the word.

I'm going to study animation myself too, that's why I was first afraid to see your film -- based on your drawing work I wasn't sure if I wanted to see someone almost my age already having accomplished something surely mind-blowing! Well, it was, mind-blowing, but it also changed my suspicios view to American animation art... <3

Keep it rolling girl, I promise I'll do my best too with the animation studies starting next year, ha ha!

Hey are you familiar with the work of Tove Jansson? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tove_Jansson) Your girl in these pictures has some characteristics similiar to her characters. And anyway, she's an artist worth checking for, and she manages to make me proud of my country. [;